Used, Old, Take Offs, and Scrap Tyres (Tires)

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Rex GDN, the trusted destination for a wide range of tyres (tires), including used, old, take offs, and scrap tyres (tires). With our extensive network of suppliers and commitment to quality, we provide reliable solutions for all your tyre (tire) needs.

Uncompromised quality

At Rex GDN, the selection of used tyres (tires) offers a cost-effective option without noticeable compromise. We carefully source and inspect our used tyres (tires) to ensure their quality, safety, and durability. These tyres (tires), though previously owned, still have plenty of life left in them, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals or budget-conscious projects.

At Rex GDN, we understand that sometimes you may need tyres (tires) for non-road applications or specific purposes. Our inventory includes a variety of old tyres (tires) that can serve various needs, such as agricultural, industrial, or recreational uses. These tyres (tires) are thoroughly examined for their suitability and condition, ensuring they meet your requirements while providing excellent value.

When vehicles undergo upgrades or replacements, take off tyres (tires) become available. These tyres (tires) are usually in excellent condition, as they have been used for a relatively short period or not even used at all. Our take off tyres (tires) offer an opportunity to get high-quality not-used or gently-used tyres (tires) at a more affordable price compared to brand new ones. We meticulously select and inspect these tyres (tires) to guarantee their peak performance and reliability.

At Rex GDN, we are concerned about the environmental impact of tyres (tires). That is why we offer solutions for scrap tyres (tires), ensuring responsible disposal and recycling. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to work with certified recycling partners who follow proper recycling and disposal procedures. By choosing our scrap tyre (tire) products, you contribute to a greener future and help reduce the environmental footprint of tyre (tire) waste.

Choose Rex GDN for all your used, old, take off, and scrap tyre (tire) needs. Trust in our expertise, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Contact us today to explore our tyre (tire) options or to discuss your specific requirements.