Rex GDN Partners

We at Rex GDN have partners from all over the world. We share inventories and cooperate with each other to maintain our smooth business operations. This cooperation has given us depth in our industry and made sure we have almost everything our clients and customers are looking for in one place.

One-stop access to traders,
from all over the world

Below is the list of our very close and important partners that we have done transactions multiple times. These partners are individual self-managing companies, and our partnership is purely transactional.

For any inquiry, complaint, and any form of communication related to our partners, please contact us directly.

Al Rostamani Group LLC
🏬 The Maze Tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd., Dubai, United Arab Emirates
UAE CBLS Number: 10784975

Bestway Limited
🏬 2 Abbey Road, Park Royal,
London NW10 7BW, United Kingdom
UK Company Number: 02596168

Dolpan Pty Limited
🏬 134 Hassall Street,
Wetherill Park, NSW 2164, Australia
Australian BN: 47082977651
Australian CN: 082977651

Nexstar Tire Distributors Inc.
🏬 57 Advance Road, Etobicoke,
Toronto, ON M8Z 2S6, Canada
TO (CA) Licence Number: B68-4836324

Rex GDN Subsidiaries

Below is the list of our subsidiaries that we own either wholly or in a local partnership. These subsidiaries are usually not fully or entirely self-managing entities.

Medikon (UK) Limited
🏬 2 Bongrace Walk,
Luton LU4 8FY, United Kingdom
UK Company Number: 12830468

Tyre Trading Co., UK
🏬 50 Station Road, Wood Green,
London N22 7DE, United Kingdom
UK Company Number: 14893891