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Rex GDN is the best fully forged aluminum wheels supplier in the world. We operate from two very specifically specialised wheel forging presses, one is in Pescate, Italia (Mossini Presse), and the other is in Shenzhen, China (Juneng Press).

Quality at its absolute best

Apart from fully forged aluminum rims and wheels, we also make cast, alloy, flow-form forged, and even carbon fibre rims and wheels. We also make titanium bolts, centre lock systems, and spacers.

We supply rims and wheels to two of the best names in the automobile industry. And six (and counting) wheel brands make their branded rims and wheels from us.

We rigorously test our products to make sure they not only comply but also exceed the set international standards. We have certifications from multiple quality inspection authorities, and all our rims and wheels come with a lifetime warranty.

Contact us to get a quote for your brand and learn how we offer fast bulk shipping. We can make rims and wheels of any design, any specification, and even multiple pieces.

Pistabia Italia is a concern and a trademark of Rex GDN Limited, specialising in custom made aftermarket wheels. It is a chain of multinational online stores that can design and make almost any wheel as per customer request. For more detailed information and the backstory, please visit the dedicated website of .

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